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Learn the foundation skills of Adobe Acrobat in the Acrobat Essentials course. Get the most out of Adobe Acrobat - create , share, combine and secure PDF documents.  Learn how to edit text, combine documents, add links and interactivity, embed multimedia, and share online for the ultimate collaborative experience.

 4.8  (425 reviews)                               $475
 Classroom:    1 day 
 Live Online:   2 x 3 hr sessions 

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In this Acrobat Forms training course, you will learn how to build forms and gather data electronically. 

Master forms design, reader-enable the forms, distribute and electronically collect data and extract to Excel for analysis. 


 4.65 (372 reviews)                                       $475
Classroom:     1 day
Live Online:   2 x 3 hr sessions

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