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How to maintain technical skills in a changing tech world

How to maintain technical skills in a changing tech world

It goes without saying that the days of buying software on a CD-ROM have long gone. Now you can easily purchase software on websites and immediately download it to your computer. But this isn’t the only change.

The way in which we purchased software changed and so too did the industry shift to a service-based industry. Previously, Microsoft Programs were considered a product, but in our ever-changing world of technology and with industry giants like Google, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) was born.

This shift from product to service looks like this. In the past, you would purchase the current version of the software you wanted. You would take the product home and download the software from a CD-ROM to your computer. Aside from community forums, this is the end of the consumer journey. If you wanted the new version, you had to go and purchase the new product. Thus, restarting the product to consumer journey.

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What is continuous learning and why is it important?

You may have heard of the term continuous learning before, but do you truly understand its meaning? Do you know the benefits you can gain when you practice continuous learning?

With continuous learning, you can increase your competency, become more productive in what you do, save time as you become more efficient, improve your proficiency in tasks, and demonstrate excellence. As you build these skills through continuous learning, you will start to become innovative as you mould your individual skills into your unique abilities.

Now if that doesn’t convince you to practice continuous learning, read on to learn about other benefits. 

Continuous learning, or also referred to as lifelong learning, is a method to continually maintain your skills. It is also an opportunity to upskill as our world around us changes.

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How to Maintain your Computer Skills 

Learning Microsoft Office is not rocket science. You only need to attend one training session to master the basics and then you should be ready to use it every day in your work.

Unfortunately, that is unpopular opinion.

Learning computer skills is not achieved through a one-time type of training event. Computer skills is what you build over an extended duration of attending training.

You build and maintain these skills by continually learning new techniques and methods. This helps you to be more productive, time efficient and an innovative computer user.

Are you ready to stop time wasting, to stop using the wrong computer methods, and finally stop feeling as though you are constantly double entering information?

Read on to learn the importance of continuous learning and how you can start to feel productive and efficient.

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3 Steps to Start with your Continuous Learning

If you want to feel empowered and competent, you need to invest time into your continuous learning.

We are here to help you take action today! Below we have described what continuous learning is and 3 steps on how you can make a start today.

What do we mean by continuous learning?

As the name suggests, continuous learning is about continually learning new skills and abilities. However, it is not only about learning new skills. Continuous learning focuses on maintaining and retaining current skills, too.

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10 tips to avoid wasting time in Microsoft Programs

Are you frustrated with the time it takes you to complete a task in any Microsoft Program?

You most likely have planned to quickly compile a report or crunch those numbers in 1 or 2 hours. But, in reality, it takes you more than double or triple the amount of time.

You don’t need this frustration with your current workload. You just need to get the job done efficiently.

Here at Corporate Training Solutions Australia (CTSA), we focus on providing you with continuous learning opportunities so you can stop feeling frustrated.

We have compiled our top 10 tips to avoid wasting time in any Microsoft Program.

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Back To Basics: Master Microsoft Excel

The 3 fundamentals that everyone always forgets when it comes to Microsoft Excel.

Do you have a huge data table that feels endless to navigate and select?

It's easier than scrolling to the bottom of a long table with the scroll wheel on your mouse. And you don’t have to risk accidently clicking your mouse pad to only to be in the middle of data, not at the end. There is an easier way that will save you time!

Speaking of time, don’t waste your time searching for the equations or location to insert the current date and time. Insert it with less than 3 clicks!

And let’s not even get started on pivot tables autofitting their cells after all that time and meticulous effort you put into resizing it all. There is a disable autofit button to preserve your redesign!

This is what we do in our revision and refresher sessions.

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This Is Why You Face Obstacles in Learning Microsoft  

A small task in Microsoft Excel can easily be blown out to a full day's work when you do not remember how to use its features. Read on to learn how to boost your competency of desktop applications.

When you are planning your day, you know that you need to:

  • Complete a data clean up in Microsoft Excel
  • Generate a report in Microsoft Word, and
  • Visually display the data in a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation

At first, you think “that’s 3 easy tasks that will be completed in no time.”

Read more to learn why you face obstacles in learning microsoft.

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How To Learn Microsoft Excel Without Being Overwhelmed 

Have you wasted hours on YouTube searching how to do a simple task in Microsoft Excel? And, after all that time, you still don’t know what to do?

This is frustrating and overwhelming. It can lead down a rabbit whole of meaningless YouTube scrolling. Only to waste even more of your time.

Or worse, you don’t know that there is a quicker way to do a task. So, you spend days, yes, literally days to update data in excel. Imagine finding out after that you could have done the same task with a couple of mouse clicks!

If you attend regular computer training, you will know how to do these tasks and wouldn’t have these problems.

Continue reading to learn how to learn microsoft excel without being overwhelmed.  

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Why continuous learning is important than ever in 2022

You may have wondered – does a company NEED to provide continuous learning opportunities to its staff?
Just look at these stats to find your answer:
Elucidat reported that 94% of staff would stay at a company if they provided learning opportunities directly related to their career development.
In the LinkedIn 2021 Workplace Learning Report, 83% of employees stated that they want to learn a new skill that will help them to become better in their roles.

Continue reading to learn why continuous learning is important than ever in 2022.

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How to assess if a training course will be effective 

After all your efforts of planning, organising, delivering and following up on training sessions, the lasts thing you want to find out is that it was ineffective. 

While it is a good opportunity to learn to improve the training and development you offer, from a business perspective, it was a waste of time and money with little to no return on investment (ROI). Continue reading to learn about how to assess if a training course will be effective.

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