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How To Learn Microsoft Excel Without Being Overwhelmed

A Common Error

You are probably familiar with this scenario.

You have downloaded data from one platform and now you need to upload it to a different platform.

The downloaded data has the first name and last name in a cell. But, to upload it, you need the first name and the last name in different cells.

It’s not too hard to cut and paste the data, right?

So that’s what you do. You create a new column and you start to cut and paste the last names, one by one.


Yes, it is an easy task, but what if you have 1000’s of rows?

It’s simple but it will take literally days!

And if you don’t know there is an easier way, you don’t know. You continue with manually editing and waste your valuable time.

But! If you had taken a refresher in Microsoft Excel, you would know that there is an easier way.

You can split the content of cells with only a couple of clicks of the mouse. A several days job just turned into several seconds.

This example is more common than you think.

If you don’t refresh your skills in Microsoft Excel, or any other computer program, you risk being inefficient.

When you do not maintain your skills through refreshers you start to forget how to use useful features.

Worse, if you upgrade to a new version of excel and do not learn it’s features you are not efficiently using excel. All you are doing is using what you learnt from your last training years ago in a visually nicer version.

Excel is updated with features to support you in being time efficient and using computer programs to your advantage.

So, it doesn’t seem worth it to not learn excel, does it?


Almost Never Use Excel?


Regardless of your position within a business, you will most likely be required to use excel at some point or another.

You might run the same report quarterly and need to refresh what to do with YouTube videos.

Or you use excel at random, like migrating to a different platform, and you don’t know how to use it. So, you waste hours or days manually updating data.

No matter the tasks, maintaining your skills in excel with computer training will help you to be more time efficient.


Learn Excel Without the Overwhelm


So, how do you learn how to use excel without getting overwhelmed?

YouTube videos are great because you can pause them while you follow along. But they don’t always help with your specific example. Also, they are not live sessions where you can ask questions.

It can be frustrating to follow along with a video on YouTube to then realise that it does not resolve your situation. That doesn’t help with your overwhelm.

Or, you can ask more experienced colleagues how to use excel. But colleagues are not readily available for training and may not have the answers you seek. Or, you both waste hours researching YouTube together. Again, this doesn’t help with your overwhelm.

To be efficient in excel, you need to attend regular training.


Computer Training at Corporate Training Solutions Australia


At Corporate Training Solutions Australia (CTSA) we know the overwhelm you have experienced when trying to learn Microsoft Excel.

That is why we have designed a platform to help you learn online through a virtually live instructor.

We work with you to start to build your confidence in using excel and teach you tips in how to save time.

In fact, our lessons begin with an overview of what you should already know in excel. This is a great opportunity to refresh your skills before we jump in and teach you new features.

But, how does it differ from watching a YouTube video?

At CTSA we have created a virtual classroom that simulates a computer lab. You have probably, at least once, taken a class in a computer lab, right?

So, take a second to imagine what that looks like.

A room that is full of computers – one for each student. The main computer at the front is connected to a multimedia presenter. An instructor leading the class through activities where students have the autonomy to go at their own pace.

And, most important, the instructor can walk around the room. They can see each student's computer screen, provide assistance and even take over the screen to fix issues or provide demonstrations.

That is a traditional computer lab.

Now, imagine that virtually.

A virtual training environment where the instructor can see each student’s screen. They can take over a student’s screen for individualised assistance, or they can display their screen to each student for a demonstration.

This is all live in action. At any point, you can ask a question and resolve your issues there and then. No need to watch 5 hours of YouTube nor waste your colleague's time.

We have created this space to help you feel confident in excel so that you can be more efficient and productive at work.

This is all part of our Training as a Service (TaaS). That means, next year, you can come along for a refresher in excel as part of your subscription. We provide you with a demo of our platform, check it out here.